This butterfly jewelry is made by hand with real butterfly wings. They are incased in glass and framed with sterling silver. The wings come from tropical butterfly farms in the rain forest and are gathered after naturally dying . No butterflies are harmed. This is a rain forest "sustainable use" activity that helps preserve the wild butterfly population, provides needed income for the farmers, and helps save the rain forests by giving economic viability without being cut down.
In some old cultures, butterflies symbolize rebirth.In Chinese culture two butterflies flying together are a symbol of love.

Irridescent blue marq butterfly.jpgblk whi butterfly set.jpgGreen prem marq butterfly.jpg
round sun set moth ee.JPGMed rect sunset moth.JPGoval wing pendants.JPG
Lg Premium green.JPGpremium pendant.JPGsun set moth & irridescent.JPG
Blue & Black butterfly set.JPGRED butterfly.JPGrainbow green butterfly.JPG
3 Blue Iridescent butterfly.JPGsm blue white ee butterfly.JPGPurple & green butterfly.JPG
green & blue wings.JPGRed & white butterfly.JPGsm yellow orange butterfly.JPG
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Blue white irridecent butterfly ee.JPGblk white butterfly ee.JPG
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