Designer Jewelry

To compliment the Antique and Estate jewelry, N.L. Shaw also offers a fine array of unique jewelry designers: Each designer has their own specialty; be it the delightful and charming bells by Gordon Barnett each with its own personality for the individual who wants to take home one special bell or the collector who cant help but want to own them all, along with two Connecticut artist, Michael Michaud, specializing in his organic designs suited for each season, made in bronze and his son Michael Vincent Michaud with his candy colored recycled glass. You certainly will want to see nature at it's best ,with our exquistie and fascinating Butterfly Wing jewelry. These are some of the featured designers along with others like: Cape Cod jewelry, Mystical Madness, and Mystic Charms and charm bracelets.

N.L. Shaw and Company thinks designer jewelry often reflects the personality of the one who designed it and is made for fun; and that is what the designer line hopes to offer.


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